MEGADYNE™ Smoke Evacuators

Remove surgical smoke from your OR.

MiniVac Smoke Evacuators

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MEGADYNE™ MINI VAC™ Smoke Evacuator

MEGADYNE™ MINI VAC™ Smoke Evacuator

Designed to be quiet and user friendly. The MEGADYNE MINI VAC Smoke Evacuator is designed with an ultra-quiet high suction, high low rate vacuum motor. It includes 4-stage filtration with up to 35 hours* of filter life. It is designed to offer user friendly set up and operation.

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MEGADYNE™ Smoke Evacuators
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Product Code Product Code Description  
2200J 2200J MEGA VAC™ Smoke Evacuator 
2140J 2140J Conn Filter to Tubing MEGA VAC™  
2145J 2145J MEGADYNE™ Smoke Evacuation Accessory – 22mm Male to 10mm Male Connector  
2151J 2151J Tube Adapter  
2155 2155 Connector 22mm female to 10mm Male 
2160J 2160J MEGA VAC™ Smk Evac Footswitch  
2195J 2195J Splm Tube Set MEGA VAC™ Smk Evac  
2200J 2200J MEGADYNE™ Mega Vac™ Smoke Evacuator with Laparoscopic Mode  
2210J 2210J ULPA Fltr and Fld Trap MEGA VAC™  
2211J 2211J ULPA Fltr and Fld Trap MEGA VAC™  
2220J 2220J Charcoal Fltr MEGA VAC™ Smk Evac 
2250J 2250J MEGADYNE™ Smoke Evacuation Accessory – RF Sensor for Mega Vac Smoke Evacuator  
ECVV120 ECVV120 Mini Vac Smoke Evacuator 110v  
ECVV220 ECVV220 Mini Vac Smoke Evacuator 210v  
MGEZLINK01 MGEZLINK01 RF Sensor Mini Vac Smoke Evacuator  
MGVS353 MGVS353 Micro Safe Filter 1 Pack  
MGVS35302 MGVS35302 Micro Safe Filter 2 Pack  
MGVSFT10 MGVSFT10 Fluid Trap Mini Vac Smoke Evacuator  


* Dependent on low settings.

1. Per Instructions for Use.

For complete indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and adverse reactions, please reference full package insert.