MEGADYNE™E-Z CLEAN™ Electrosurgical Electrodes

Designed to improve the OR experience1*


Features & Benefits

Easy to clean

Easy to clean

E-Z CLEAN™ Electrodes, with PTFE coating, are easily cleaned with a damp sponge.2

Less smoke

Less smoke

E-Z CLEAN™ Electrodes produce less smoke than uncoated stainless steel blades.1

Full line of electrodes

Full line of electrodes

Multiple tips and lengths to meet your surgical needs.

Regular and extended lengths

Regular and extended lengths

Disposable laparoscopic electrodes include all the benefits of E-Z CLEAN™ Electrodes plus the assurance of new shaft insulation in every case.

Supporting Documentation

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Product Code Product Code Description  Length 
0009 0009 E-Z Clean Ball 5 inch  12.7 cm 
0012 0012 E-Z Clean Blade 2.5 inch   6.4 cm  
0012A 0012A E-Z Clean Blade 2.75 inch   7 cm 
0012AM 0012AM E-Z Clean Blade Modi"ed 2.75 inch   7 cm 
0012AMD 0012AMD E-Z Clean Blade Mod Nose Cone 2.75 inch   7 cm 
0012AMP 0012AMP E-Z Clean Precision Blade Mod 2.75 inch   7 cm 
0012AP 0012AP E-Z Clean Precision Blade 2.75 inch   7 cm 
0012M 0012M E-Z Clean Blade Modi"ed 2.5 inch   6.4 cm  
0012MD 0012MD E-Z Clean Blade Mod Nose Cone 2.5 inch   6.4 cm  
0013 0013 E-Z Clean Needle 2.75 inch   7 cm 
0013M 0013M E-Z Clean Needle Modi"ed 2.75 inch   7 cm 
0013MD 0013MD E-Z Clean Needle Mod Nose Cone 2.75 inch   7 cm 
0014 0014 E-Z Clean Blade 6.5 inch   16.5 cm  
0014A 0014A E-Z Clean Blade 4.0 inch   10.2 cm  
0014AM 0014AM E-Z Clean Blade Modi"ed 4.0 inch   10.2 cm  
0014AMD 0014AMD E-Z Clean Blade Mod Nose Cone 4.0 inch   10.2 cm  
0014AMP 0014AMP E-Z Clean Precision Blade Mod 4.0 inch   10.2 cm  
0014AP 0014AP E-Z Clean Precision Blade 4.0 inch   10.2 cm  
0014M 0014M E-Z Clean Blade Modi"ed 6.5 inch   16.5 cm  
0014MD 0014MD E-Z Clean Blade Mod Nose Cone 6.5 inch   16.5 cm  


*In a preclinical porcine model at 60W vs. uncoated stainless steel blades at 60W (P<0.001).

1. Kisch T, Liodaki E, Kraemer R, et al. Electrocautery devices with feedback mode and te!on-coated blades create less surgical smoke for a quality improvement in the Operating Theater.

Medicine. 2015;94(27).

2. MEGADYNE PTFE coating claims engineering rationale. Ethicon, Inc.

For complete indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and adverse reactions, please reference full package insert.