Designed to improve the OR experience1*

MEGADYNE™E-Z CLEAN™ Electrosurgical Electrodes

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to clean

    Easy to clean

    E-Z CLEAN™ Electrodes, with PTFE coating, are easily cleaned with a damp sponge.2

  • 110907-190402
    Less smoke

    E-Z CLEAN™ Electrodes produce less smoke than uncoated stainless steel blades.1

  • 3-MEGADYNE™E-Z CLEAN™ Electrosurgical (110907-190402)
    Full line of electrodes

    Multiple tips and lengths to meet your surgical needs.

  • Regular and extended lengths

    Regular and extended lengths

    Disposable laparoscopic electrodes include all the benefits of E-Z CLEAN™ Electrodes plus the assurance of new shaft insulation in every case.

Product Specifications

Product Code Product Code Description  Length           
0009 0009 E-Z Clean Ball 5 inch  12.7 cm           
0012 0012 E-Z Clean Blade 2.5 inch  6.4 cm           
0012A 0012A E-Z Clean Blade 2.75 inch  7 cm           
0012AM 0012AM E-Z Clean Blade Modi"ed 2.75 inch  7 cm           
0012AMD 0012AMD E-Z Clean Blade Mod Nose Cone 2.75 inch  7 cm           
0012AMP 0012AMP E-Z Clean Precision Blade Mod 2.75 inch  7 cm           
0012AP 0012AP E-Z Clean Precision Blade 2.75 inch  7 cm           
0012M 0012M E-Z Clean Blade Modi"ed 2.5 inch  6.4 cm           
0012MD 0012MD E-Z Clean Blade Mod Nose Cone 2.5 inch  6.4 cm           
0013 0013 E-Z Clean Needle 2.75 inch  7 cm           
0013M 0013M E-Z Clean Needle Modi"ed 2.75 inch  7 cm           
0013MD 0013MD E-Z Clean Needle Mod Nose Cone 2.75 inch  7 cm           
0014 0014 E-Z Clean Blade 6.5 inch  16.5 cm           
0014A 0014A E-Z Clean Blade 4.0 inch  10.2 cm           
0014AM 0014AM E-Z Clean Blade Modi"ed 4.0 inch  10.2 cm           
0014AMD 0014AMD E-Z Clean Blade Mod Nose Cone 4.0 inch  10.2 cm           
0014AMP 0014AMP E-Z Clean Precision Blade Mod 4.0 inch  10.2 cm           
0014AP 0014AP E-Z Clean Precision Blade 4.0 inch  10.2 cm           
0014M 0014M E-Z Clean Blade Modi"ed 6.5 inch  16.5 cm           
0014MD 0014MD E-Z Clean Blade Mod Nose Cone 6.5 inch  16.5 cm           

Supporting Documentation

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*In a preclinical porcine model at 60W vs. uncoated stainless steel blades at 60W (P<0.001).

1. Kisch T, Liodaki E, Kraemer R, et al. Electrocautery devices with feedback mode and te!on-coated blades create less surgical smoke for a quality improvement in the Operating Theater.

Medicine. 2015;94(27).

2. MEGADYNE PTFE coating claims engineering rationale. Ethicon, Inc.

For complete indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and adverse reactions, please reference full package insert.