1.5mm LCP® System

The 1.5mm LCP® System is a locking plate system designed for treatment of fractures and arthrodesis of small canines and felines. This system allows veterinary surgeons additional flexibility to treat their smaller patients. The set consists of 1.5mm locking compression plates (LCP), instruments, and an implant module set.

1.5mm LCP® System

Features & Benefits


    Low Profile

    Low profile plates minimize soft tissue irritation.

  • 1.5mm LCP System Cut-to-Length


    Cut‐to‐length feature minimizes inventory.

  • 1.5mm LCP System Stacked COMBI Holes

    Stacked COMBI Holes

    Stacked COMBI Holes allow the use of a locking screw or a cortex screw in the same round conical plate hole.

  • 1.5mm LCP System COMBI Holes

    COMBI Holes

    COMBI Holes in the LCP Plates allow the use of a cortex screw in the compression side of the hole or a locking screw in the threaded side of the hole.

  • 1.5mm LCP System Preassembled drill guides

    Optional Preassembled Drill Guides

    Available with or without short threaded drill guides preassembled to the plate.

  • 1.5mm LCP System Self-Retaining Drill Guides

    Self‐retaining STARDRIVE™ Recess

    Allows improved torque transmission and increased resistance to stripping.1

  • 1.5mm LCP System Adaption Plates

    Adaption Plates

    Contourable for precise screw placement and anatomic fit.

  • 1.5mm LCP System Module

    1.5mm LCP Module

    Sterilizable case holds a selection of screws, plates, and instruments.


1.Test data on file at DePuy Synthes (Ref. Reports #SET_20110210, MT01-258)

093971-180625 DSUS