Large Fragment System

The Large Fragment Standard System contains the 4.5 and 5.5 implants and related instruments required for DCP plating. It enables fracture treatment using compression plating with conventional cortex screws. It can also be upgraded to include the LCP system.

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Features & Benefits

Large Fragment Standard System

  • Enables fracture treatment using compression plating with conventional cortex screws
  • Can be upgraded to include the LCP system

Large Fragment Locking System

  • Allows fracture treatment using LCP plates  
  • Permits the combination of conventional and locking screw techniques  
  • Graphic Case for Large Fragment Instrument Set (690.542)

DCP (Dynamic Compression Plate) and DCP plate hole

  • Incorporates an incline in the hole that converts screw compression into plate translation and compression of the bone fracture
  • Accepts conventional screws that may be placed in either load or neutral positions, depending on whether interfragment compression is desired (see Universal Drill Guide for more detail)
  • Allows 25° of longitudinal screw angulation and 7° of transverse screw angulation

LCP (Locking Compression Plate)

  • Locking screws create a fixed-angle construct, resulting in angular stability
  • Tapered end for submuscular plate insertion, minimizing tissue trauma
  • Limited-contact plate design reduces plate-to-bone contact, protecting vascularity

LCP plate holes

  • Dynamic compression unit (DCU) hole allows 40° of longitudinal screw angulation and 7° of transverse screw angulation
  • Combi-holes allow placement of conventional screws on one side or locking screws on the opposite side of each hole

Cortex screws

  • Used for bicortical fixation in diaphyseal bone
  • Self-tapping screws are standard in all sets, except 5.5 mm screws
  • 5.5 mm screws are only available in non-self-tapping

Cancellous bone screws

  • Used for fixation of metaphyseal or poor-quality bone
  • Available fully or partially threaded 
  • Deeper threads and coarser pitch maximize the surface area of the threads in contact with the bone, thereby increasing the screw’s holding power

Locking screws

  • Used with the locking compression plate (LCP)
  • Conical, double-lead machine thread on the head locks into threaded combi-hole or stacked combi-hole in the plate
  • Create a fixed-angle construct
  • Large core diameter provides improved bending and shear strength
  • Stardrive recess provides improved torque transmission to the screw, while retaining the screw without the use of a holding sleeve

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